Essay Writing Topics Tips You Need To Learn Now

This is a two-week long essay writing service Workshop unit that teaches students how to inform/explain using the organizational model of compare and contrast. The perfect writer’s workshop for teaching narrative writing! This writer’s workshop is broken down into small, manageable steps which will keep your students engaged and excited.

• plot structure
• using transition words
• developing internal conflict
• using strong verbs
• punctuating dialogue
• the importance of a strong opening

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Three templates to help your struggling writers understand the layout and format of essay writing. Includes three fill-in-the-blank five-paragraph essay templates: Expository, Persuasive, and Cause and Effect. This product comes directly from the the Essay Apprentice Writing System – Writing Lessons, Basics for Struggling and Low-Level Students . Works best for those students who are really struggling with writing and need some assistance to see and work through the structure of the five-paragraph essay. Students are given an essay with missing words and are asked to complete the essay based upon their knowledge of how an essay works

• 4 weeks+ of detailed lesson plans
• Anchor Charts (available in color and greyscale)
• What is Argument Writing?
• Elements of an Argument
• Transition Words for argument writing
• Sample argumentative paragraphs for analysis
• Paragraph Puzzles (to teach paragraph organization)
• Set of 20 Argument Prompt task cards (highly engaging prompts for middle school-high school students, such as, “Should students be paid for good grades?” and “Should schools be able to punish you for your posts on social media?”)
• Argument Map (for organizing your essay)
• Peer Conferencing checklist
• Scoring Rubric
• CCSS Alignment

Teaching Essay Strategies is a comprehensive Story Behind Essay Writing Will Haunt You Forever! curriculum designed to help teachers teach the essay components of the Common Core Writing Standards. This step-by-step program provides all of the resources for upper elementary, middle school, and high school teachers to teach both the writing process essays and the accompanying writing strategies.

* Eight Writing Process Essays

The Teaching Essay Strategies program includes the writing prompts, resource texts, graphic organizers, response, revision, and editing resources to teach eight Writing Process Essays. The first four essays are in the informative/explanatory genre (Common Core Writing Standard 2.0). The last four essays are in the argumentative/persuasive writing genre (Common Core Writing Standard 1.0). Accompanying resource texts include both literary and informational forms, as prescribed by the Common Core Reading Standards.


Practical Ways to Use the Law of Process

This is the first post of a series of posts regarding Laws of Nature or Natural Laws. Our Universe obeys certain rules or laws and everything in nature follows them to the letter. These laws are precise, and many of them are mathematical in nature. First off, we’ll explore the Law of Process and I’ll show you practical ways to use it.

One definition of the Law of Process says that anyone can achieve any goal by breaking it down into small steps until such goal is reached. They key thing here is to enjoy the process while taking constant action to achieve your objective. By being enthusiastic about it, you’ll feel more compelled to achieve it. But you need more than continuous action, you need to be persistent because the journey will be long and oftentimes tough. Be laser-focused, and don’t take your eyes of your goal, even though things get tough.

By enduring long enough, you’ll be able to see the fruits of your labor. It’ll be rewarding because you’ll be able to reach your goal, but most importantly, you’ll become a better person. Perhaps, everything can be taken away from you, your house, your money, etc but nobody will take away the character you will develop as a successful person. You will encounter obstacles and problems but take into account that they’re there to make you learn and grow. Just know that mistakes are made, but always correct your path toward your desired goal. Don’t get discouraged, think about the benefits the goal you’re striving for will give you. How will you feel once the goal is reached? These are things to bear in mind when applying the Law of Process, it takes desire, effort, focus, consistency, but over time you will reach your goal.

Follow These Three Steps When Applying the Law of Process:

  1. Become the person you desire to be
  2. Do the things, you’ll love, to be doing
  3. Get what you’ve been desiring all along Remember: To Be, To Do, To Get

You may think this idea is wrong. How can you become the person you desire to be first? Well, if a person wants prosperity, for instance, his mental attitude has to be prosperous first, and by doing what a prosperous person does, over time, he will get prosperity is his life. To be, to do, to get, is a simple formula; yet, it’s often ignored, that’s the reason why most people don’t get what they want besides don’t knowing exactly what they really want.

The Law of Process start with you, it starts in your mind with the aid of your creative process which is basically the creative use of your imagination. By seeing yourself as the person you desire to be, your positive thought patterns will attract the necessary steps that will make you become a prosperous person. Therefore, think, act and drive yourself as the person you want to be.

A Practical Thing To Do Is:

Sit down, or lie down, relax and imagine for 30 minutes daily the perfect conditions in which your life will develop. Design in your mind the kind of lifestyle you want to have. Create a clear mental picture of yourself, where you life, what your have, the career youll love to pursue, the kinds of people you love to attract, imagine the ways that you can serve society and so on. See these things vividly and in detail in your mind, rejoice with them every day. Get visual aids such as pictures to make them memorable in your mind. The don’tt question whether they’ll become true or not, that’s none of your business. Driven by the dominating thoughts you have in your mind, your reality will draw from these thoughts whether they’re positive or negative. Choose your thoughts wisely.

The Rule of Five

If the Law of Process states you can achieve any goal by breaking it down into small steps, I will show you a nice way you can apply this law. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, coined the term the rule of five included in Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles (affiliate link). The rule of five means that you have to take five daily actions toward your goal and eventually you will achieve it. Even a block of ice under the sun will melt down, the process is slow, but drop by drop, the ice block melts down completely. The important thing to remember here is this: Celebrate as a success each action that brings you a result toward your main goal, so aim for five daily successes.

The Law of Process Applied to Leadership

According to America’s authority in leadership, John C. Maxwell, leadership develops daily, not in a day. He says that Becoming a leader is a lot like investing successfully in the stock market. If your hope is to make a fortune in a day, you’re not going to be successful. But If you continually invest in your leadership development, letting your assets compound, the inevitable result is growth over time. John clearly exemplifies how the Law of Process works here.

What to do? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Read a self-development book a month
  • Read a biography of someone you admire
  • Listen to at least one self-help audiobook or tape a week
  • Listen to a podcast relating to your area of interest
  • Watch videos that will expand the grooves of your mind
  • Write essays on different Law topics
  • Attend one success seminar a year

Backpackers Insurance for Long trips

Are you planning on having a long holiday? Do you want to use this time to explore rough terrain and experience exotic cultures? If so, then you should have the right financial coverage plan for the trip in case you encounter emergencies and hold-ups. Although the premium may not prevent these incidents from happening, at least you can take comfort in knowing that you still have enough finances to procure replacements and rebookings.

When looking for the right policy for cheap worldwide travel insurance UK, here are some of the factors you need to consider:

  1. Medical Coverage

This is important especially if you plan on participating in extreme sports. This basically covers any injuries or ailments you might sustain during your holiday. However, there are some providers who are not willing to shoulder pre-existing conditions. As such, it is important to verify first.

  1. Delays

This compensates for expenditures caused by delays in flights and transportation. Of course, the extent of the coverage would mainly depend with the provider. As such, make sure to confirm ahead of time what compensations and reimbursements you can claim from this policy.

  1. Baggage

If your luggage gets lost or stolen, this policy shoulders the replacement. Verify with your provider if this condition also includes administrative expenses associated with lost passport and cash contained in the stolen luggage.

  1. Personal Liability

In case you accidentally cause harm to one of your fellow travelers, this policy will shoulder the associated charges. Generally this will include the medical expenditures as well as other related costs.

  1. Work

If your holiday requires you to take time off your job, this may cover for any income loss you might incur. Keep in mind that this policy is optional, so make sure that before you take time off from work, you accomplish all your tasks on time so that there are less chances of liabilities.

  1. Sports

Getting injured because of extreme sports can be quite costly. In case emergency rescue is required, this policy will cover the associated costs. You will have to confirm with your provider which sports activities are included in your premium.

  1. Children

Your insurance plan can also cover for your kids aged 18 years and below. This can really help with your family savings.

  1. Trip Cancellation

Rebookings can be quite costly. As such, this policy compensates for cancelled flights and trips. As another option, you can have the cash reimbursed.

Of course, make sure that you finalize your itinerary first before you can decide how much you can spend for your travel insurance. This way, you will not be bothered by the expenses of your holiday.

Licensed Practical Nurse Career – LPN Job Overview

The LVN/LPN is a nurse that upholds the highest standards of responsibilities for all patients in their care. The term LVN or licensed vocational nurse is specific to nursing in the state of California. The career has become very popular, especially in today’s economy, due to it being a very interesting and rewarding career. Being that healthcare is a field that is always in demand and growing, makes nursing programs all the more popular. LVN’s are responsible for knowing the Nurse Practice Act, which is a law in all states that controls the practice of nursing.

What they do is monitor and observe, devise plans to implement good nursing care, which would also include documentation and communicating with doctors as well as the patients and their families. Assessing situations that the patient is going through is principle, especially when it has to do with the management of pain. With using scaling methods, as in 0-10 pain thresholds, they can quickly decipher and administer the correct pain dosages to help the patient with their comfort levels.

Many of their responsibilities and duties can be within a hospital or private clinic where they tend to the wellbeing of assigned patients. Some of these duties could include the care and feeding of these patients, but as in each facility, duties can vary.

There are more work environments who have begun employing LVN’s such as:

  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Programs
  • Psychiatric Nursing Homes
  • Physical Therapists
  • Assisted Living Care
  • Pediatric Home Care

The LVN/LPN and professional resume gives an array of employment opportunities, as well as making them highly employable.

Education And Training

When exploring the numerous nursing programs offered today one can become overwhelmed as to where to go, fees involved, how long it takes to finish with a certification of degree. One of the main factors for anyone interested in a training program is that it should be an accredited program, due to the fact that the accredited schools must adhere to rigid guidelines in their course materials, quality of the education and their instructors.

One good advantage of the training program is that they typically take about 12 months to complete the program when one is enrolled full time. Many of the schools, which could be the local community colleges or one of the medical vocational schools, also offer the accelerated plan as well as a slower plan, which could be completed in 24 months.

It is truly up to the individual student as to the methods that provide their training and education, whether it is in a full classroom environment with other participants, or learning online. Some schools can even have the option of offering online or offline courses, which is very convenient to many who are just not sure of which way to go. One additional benefit to the certification program is that if one decides to further their career goals to become a registered nurse, much of their learning has been satisfied, and in turn their nursing program would be less time to invest, usually only involving an additional 8-12 months of education.


One of the best positions to be in with a type of career is having a certain amount of job security. Knowing that the healthcare field is on the rise with our aging population, clearly shows us that all aspects of the nursing field are continuing to be very much in high demand. At these times, in our economy, there is even a shortage of nurses, which we may continue to see for quite some time.

Being that most nursing positions have been unionized, which means that the fair labor unions have negotiated good pay and benefits for their nurses of all degrees, allows us to know and feel confident that we will be earning a good and competitive salary for our hard work. Salaries around the country can vary this career, but typically one can expect to earn somewhere between $35,000 to $50,000 annually. Those that find employment in the nursing care facilities can usually make the higher end of the salary spectrum. Of course, as with any career, when one pursued to invest in a higher educational degree, as the RN program, salaries are bound to increase as well.

Stunning Hotel del Coronado

I recently spent a weekend at Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, California. It was amazing! Just find a picture on the Internet (I was not able to make a photo, I am sorry) and have a look at this hotel. How incredibly gorgeous. The hotel sits right on the shore of the Pacific Ocean and the view from my room was amazing.

There is really more of a resort than just a hotel. Everything you could possibly need is right on the property and there is additional nearby shopping a block or two away.  Its location is really one of the absolute best things about it.

You’ll want to make sure to take the historical tour of the hotel if it’s available when you visit. You will learn so many interesting facts about the hotel, plus, if you are lucky, you may hear the story about the resident ghost. One of my favorite features at the hotel is the elevator (I know, I’m weird). It’s the old classy style with the accordian gate that pulls across, but the best part is that there is an elevator operator. When you get on the elevator you tell him/her your floor and they operate the elevator. That was a first for me. Maybe elevator operators are more common that I think and I need to get out more.

Here are some additional fun things to do at the hotel:



Shopping – cute clothes, toys, bath & body, and so much more

Dining – Eat on the patio and enjoy the view

Ice Cream

Candy shop


Kid and teen center

So much more

If I’d took at least some photos I’d let them tell the story. But let me just say this, if you are ever in San Diego or Coronado you must stay at the Hotel del Coronado.

Bucket List: Cairns And The Great Barrier Reef

It was gently pointed out to me on twitter that I have neglected to add Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef to my bucket list. Complete oversight on my part as Australia has always been a country I have wanted to visit and scuba diving or even snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef should have be in my top 10 list of things to do. I am slightly embarrassed I missed it. See, that is the problem when you love to travel. There are SO many places to visit and explore that some destinations, no matter how much you have dreamed of them, get missed when you start writing it down. So, to the great people of Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, my sincere apologies for neglecting to add you to my bucket list until now.

Cairns And The Great Barrier Reef

This is why my bucket list is always in a state of constant change. I really could just have one item on my list: The Entire World. Yes, I want to see it all, but unless I come into millions of dollars or blogging really starts paying off (ha ha) it is just not going to happen. I can, however, try to make it to as many countries as possible and I am really hoping Australia and the Great Barrier Reef is a possibility.

In the meantime I can thank the Cairns & Great Barrier Reef website for giving me a beautiful place to virtually visit and plan my someday visit.  The site is full of beautiful images and lots of great planning information. This excerpt from their site makes me want to catch a flight today.

“Diving, snorkelling, sailing, cruising and island hopping are all part of everyday life in Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Fly in a seaplane to a deserted sand cay to marvel at an aerial view of the Reef, dive with minke whales for a really big adventure, parasail from an island for an adrenalin rush or spy on baby turtles making their first dash for the freedom of the Coral Sea.”

That whimpering you hear is me as I am writing this post looking out at those pictures.


Beautiful Southern California Landscape | A Photo Journey

How to travel on a minimum budget?

I recently spent the weekend in sunny Southern California to drive the Hyundai Santa Fe. I never realized how gorgeous Southern California is away from the beaches. Of course, the beaches are fabulous. The ocean, as always, is simply stunning. I mean, just look at this view. I was staying at the Hotel del Coronado and with views like this I was completely spoiled. I think I could stay here for a very long time.

Coming from frozen northern Michigan where everything is still under a heavy blanket of snow I was thrilled to see spring flowers in bloom. These cherry blossoms are so very pretty.  I am really looking forward to spring in Michigan.

Our group stopped at the Julian Cafe in Julian, CA for lunch. It is a cute little restaurant with outside seating which is where we dined. The pie is so good!!

The town was a really cute western style town just a couple blocks long. Also, I saw Alpaca on the street corner. This is not something I see every day at home.

Driving through the beautiful countryside was a real treat.  I will probably share a few of images I took. None of them really seem to do it justice. It was rugged and had a stark kind of beauty. Lots of muted colors with just a few bursts of colorful flowers along the drive.

If you ever have the opportunity I really recommend taking the scenic route from San Diego, CA to Julian, CA.  I am already plotting and planning a return trip to the area so that I can explore it longer. 2 days was simply not enough time to discover all that southern California has to offer.

Thank you for reading this article. These were my thoughts and now I am eager to read yours! Have you been to southern California? What is your favorite spot?