Remember you can use your interactive notebook for the during our tests next week we have about six conclusion starters video maybe what and i’m going to use as you can see and as you can see and then i’m going to go back to my thesis here and i’m going to figure out how can i say that differently but make it mean the same and i wanted to some be exactly the same because that’s going to borrow readers but i do want to keep saving i’m going to put something like as you can see food needs to be Americanized when it enters in woods notice how it’s different you need the same thing but it does sound a little different. Find out great examples of essay hooks onĀ Edusson.

My next jobs i need to restate on preview same thing applies when i restate or through you we need to figure out how commence and differently but make it be the same so I’m back to my reduction I’m looking at my preview right there trying to figure out what can I get to reword this what I’m going to do I am going to change a few words but I’m also going to start out with my three reasons so that’s always a big bathroom so now three reasons start there and I’m going to put something like creating new traditions introducing new cultures in improving it tastes are just a few reasons why food needs to be Americans or should you see the word my next job the last year is created clincher what a clincher is is it’s one or two sentences that leaves an impression on our readers so this clinch of the sentence here is kind of like a hood and it needs to make our readers remember our paper for the rest of their life that’s our go along now in order to get a 4 out of clincher we need to somehow link it back to our hook.

So we’re going to go back to them and I’m going to think about how can I wrap this paper up with a bow on it and make it so it addresses this folk a little bit so i’m going to put as you take a bite out of your top you appreciate how people have transformed it into american traditions the summer talk from the top again so it does address it just seems like it’s an ice cream in this paper because we did talk about the taco watch you have this outline for out the toughest part is over because all we’re going to do now is we’re going to take the outline and we’re going to turn it into a paper so basically our job is now is we’re going to think about as we’re writing how can I improve what I wrote in this paper can I add transition words can I restructure the sentences and what I’m going to do is I’m going to write this a few paragraphs probably just the introduction maybe the body or to start of the body just to give you an idea of what I mean but this is pretty self-explanatory so I probably won’t write the whole paper just a few things.