You should think about it what you’re teaching what you want to teach but I always struggled with that with inter to keep a Bible because it was like am I just teaching content or do I want to get something else in here I’d like you know I don’t know the answers to like support why did you google things I just I just really don’t like the idea of sending students to the library just getting whatever they wanted this seem to be resistant to that because it’s just like a huge swimming pool books i no idea brace yourself and and I is it better for us to just you know sort of like get a chocolates they know these really well is that better for this demon that can just say go find a bunch of sources because they’re not gonna they’re not going to do what they’re supposed to do which is really consuming more than learning a persona in a paper and we’re really understanding you know. Find out how to immerse yourself into your research paper with Edusson.

I think it’s definitely important to to not have them engage with things that aren’t useful right yeah I guess my experience teaching one way to do it is it’s hard when you have a lot of students but basically if you’re trying to teach how to write something you have to teach how to write something on your sacral writer paper so basically the entire research paper itself needs to be scaffolded to be able to like say like the beginning of the quarter like let’s develop questions for your research papers and then a few weeks later as the guide lists are talking about what kind of sources you wanted to use they can finally have really the quarter they should be thinking about you know what direction they’re going and then outline much to the end of the quarter not like where’s the swimming pool so get the source of the 70 they needs like he need their hands Holland village from a librarians perspective to that I get a lot of students oh yeah are sort of dropped into the pool.

And it’s hard to help them right because often they come to find me if they 11th hour you know and like I think primary sources on this crazy random thing you know and so it’s certainly I think it behooves everybody involved to think that through yeah I just remember like gravitons first thing I saw yeah there’s another problem is if you have the library that’s not the right house like that yeah fine where they talk about just find it so try second anything actually had professor in love as an undergrad at the very first class we spoke to our classes but the in the library he went through all the primary sources yeah I mean he had those that was the first half of the Bucks the second half was and explanations of this source is over this source of 110 years old you need to think about whether or not this is a new source.