When it comes to writing the writer has to try their best to attract the reader’s eyes. So we collected some of the best advices that you have to follow to write a good essay.

Number one

Identify the topic. You have to know the subject you’re writing about. Try to research it if possible number two pick an opening sentence. This sentence shouldn’t be asking a question or written the first-person prospect .Try as much as you can to make it clear understandable with no difficult words and attractive. So that the reader continue through the rest of the essay.

Number two

Your essay must be divided into three main parts. An introduction and it explains the subject of the essay and how people see it. It contains the discussion of the essay. What happens how people think of it and it can be made from two parts if the subject is a matter of arguments or if people have different prospects for it here you. Start with opinion you follow in the first paragraph and the other opinion in the next one. But don’t state whether this is your opinion or not. Just start with it. See summary and here you summarize your idea, state your opinion and try to reach solution if there is any for the subject you are addressing.

Number three

You need to have a wide variety of words and expressions to be able to express yourself accurately. Try to form your own style number.

Number four

Be your own don’t become what you read but better try to have your own prospect and form your own way.